Star Wars Speakers
Star Wars themed bluetooth speakers
The TIE is where it started, I was going to make a TV stand for Logan to have that was something different and cool. We look through different things and finally decided that the TIE would look and function the best. I started out with the ball, I made a mold which was a half dome that way I could make two halves and assemble it. The minute I got both halves done the idea to make it a stereo popped into my head. I contacted my Memphis Audio rep and sourced the equipment I needed. I didn't tell him what it was for but that he needed to come and see it. When he arrived he was in awe of what I had planned - 2 days later I get a call from him saying that they wanted to use it for the CES show in Vegas. Now the show was only 30 days away and I hadn't planned on having it done that quick, but they were really excited and asked really nicely. Once I agreed, they then asked if I could do a R2D2 as well, now I had to finish the TIE and design and build a R2 all in the matter of 30 days, no small task. I of course said yes and went to work designing the R2. Both of them are a mixture of material, ranging from steel, fiberglass, carbon fiber, plexiglass, and wood. It was 30 days straight of 12 to 16 hour days, figuring out how to make them work and still keep them as close to the original designs as possible. Making something so iconic as R2D2 look right and sound amazing is not as easy as it sounded. I had to build him so he would be able to withstand the pressure of a 10" subwoofer without falling apart, stay upright, and still be functional enough so we could access all the electronic components for service. I built both with the thought that they had to work just as if they were being made for a customer, so they had to work all the time and under abuse. The wings of the TIE were made of steel tubing so they could support a TV without any stress on the rest of it. We finished both the night before we had to leave for the show. They were tested and tuned, then loaded in the car, and we headed out at 4am for Vegas.