The Mini Cooper
The project that started it all.
The goal was simple: Take a big man, put him in a little car. She may look tiny on the outside, but she can fit two fully grown adults with room to spare.

This is the project where I, Matt, met Shawn, who is now my business partner. We met at my booth at a show, I didn't think much of it at the time - But a while later I got a call from him asking for my insight into a car he wanted customized. Turns out he had a Mini Cooper that was a little too small for him and had a standard paint job. So I got to work, and before I knew it I had a flagship project that took this business to the showroom floor. This car has been the spectacle of many events and was, without a doubt, the monumental project that put us on the map.

The skulls and flames on the car are multi-layered - if you look closely you might see some skulls that didn't catch your eye the first time.