Comic Book Guitar
The passion project.
It started it's life out as pieces of a Normandy Alumicaster. I painted multiple guitars for them and he gave me one to do for myself. It is an aluminum body based on the Fender Telecaster. When I got it I body worked it and primed it. It then sat for 8 years before I finally got around to working on it. It's hard for me to spend time on projects that are for me, I hate to waste time when there are customer needs. When I finally started I was just going to do the same old thing - my logo, skulls, and fire. Not exactly anything that was really out of the norm, just quick and easy. After I did it I was just disappointed with myself for not being creative and trying something outside my comfort zone. I am a big comic book fan and so is my son, so he and I sat down and picked the characters we thought would be good. Going through all the comics to find ideas gave me the inspiration for the background. I saw all the books laying on the ground overlapping each other and it looked so cool. I literally printed off small images of all the comics I liked based on the characters we chose, cut them out and made a templet of the guitar to scale and pasted them in place to get the right look. I then took the life-size image and had it copied so it was a simpler piece to work with. Willie at Salem Blueprint was so helpful, she spent way more time with me then she probably should have, giving me ideas and listening to mine. I had the image printed onto a very thin piece of vinyl which I cut to fit exact and painstakingly applied to the guitar body. I then cleared the whole thing and allowed it to set up for a week. I cut the clear down with 800 grit to give me a perfect surface to begin the airbrush work. I then spent days doing little details and highlights to the background to get just the right look. Once again I re-cleared the whole thing. I recut the body, and then began the colored image of the characters. Once the colored image was done, I re-cleared again, allowed it to cure, then wet sanded and buffed it to perfection. It took me a couple of days to assemble it because I was so careful to make each part fit just right. It is without a doubt the most labor intensive and enjoyable piece I have ever done.